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Steven Krueger

New Jersey-born and Maryland-based, Steven Krueger has spent the last four decades traveling and living abroad. His art is multicultural in scope representing a polyphonic chorus of international sensibilities that has become manifest across his work in a variety of mediums.  


Largely self-taught he briefly studied painting at the ICS School of Art and the Art League of Alexandria. His interest in painting piqued during visits to Austrian museums while living in Vienna in 1997, and he found himself drawn to masterpieces where traces of the artist’s painting process remained visible. He began painting a year later and has continued to produce works at a prolific pace throughout subsequent moves to Guatemala, Finland, India, Argentina, Spain, Washington DC, The Dominican Republic, and Miami.


Rife with allusions to Abstract Expressionism, Art Brut, Cubism, and Fauvism, Krueger’s paintings neither quote nor overturn previous styles but rather funnel their energies into his own translation of human sentiments. He views art as “the skill to document one’s emotions” and emphasizes his desire to elicit emotional response from viewers. The cycle of artistic creation cannot be completed until spectators have internalized and grappled with the personal testimony layered throughout his work.


Now for the first time, you can purchase work directly from Steven Krueger’s Maryland-based studio.  Click on the "Paintings For Sale" tab and see what's available.

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